Get On-topic Breaking News Monetized On Your Website or Linked to Your Special Offer WITH or WITHOUT a Website!

After months of using this news aggregator (gatherer) script myself, I’m finally releasing it to the public so you can place it on your own website or link it to your special affiliate offer even if you don't have a website! **This is the only automated way** to get your special offer found on Google and even listed on other websites if you don't have a website!

What Does Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Online Service Do For You

It depends on whether you're going to use Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script on a website or as a service linking to your special offer without a website.

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Ninety-two percent of consumers will visit a brand’s website for the first time for reasons other than making a purchase, according to a study released today by Episerver, a global provider of a single platform to smartly manage digital content, commerce and marketing in the cloud.

Here are the features I've developed after using Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script for months before making it available to you

  • The ability to support multiple news feeds on multiple topics
  • Four built-in spots for monetization so you can make money online passively from your website.
  • Automatic script run every time a visitor comes to your website
  • Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script doesn’t just show the news on one webpage, it generates a webpage for each news release!
  • If the feed has the entire story the title doesn’t link to the original article so people will stay on your webpage to read it thus even more likely to visit your monetized offers.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) automated. Because a new webpage is generated for each news story, your website slowly builds up content over time until it gets noticed by search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Set it and leave it! Go to work, or run your other business. Let Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script build your website and additional passive income for you!
  • A spot to add social media buttons. I recommend using the free AddThis service.
  • Google search box and Twitter search box built into the program for when Google begins spidering your news content.

Rick, I have a website. What will Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script do for me?

I've met so many business owners through BNI and other networking programs that simply don't have time to add content to their websites. This will do it for you and create stickiness! Stickiness means prospective buyers keep going back to your website. The four places to monetize EACH webpage for the individual breaking news story gives you the ability to link to several products or services you offer on your website.

Better yet, if you have a service do what I do for my In home tutoring business specializing in students with ADHD since I have ADHD myself and my In home and remote computer, cell phone and tablet tutoring and troubleshooting business and put your phone number right in the addon title! If you have a service and have already clicked on your website now they need a phone number. Make it easy for them to contact you!

Free tip - There's a little HTML trick you can use where people can click the link on your phone number and their SMS message app will open on their cell phone so your prospects can text you!

If you look at This example for my computer business you'll see TWO BONUS TIPS

  1. Add your contact phone number in the title. This may allow it to show on Google so people can call you without even visiting your website!
  2. You can use your own feed from your website as part of your news feed sources!

Rick, I don't have a website yet. What will Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script do for me?

Let me say this first, I'm not going to be one of those gurus that tells you that you can make a million dollars a day with no website just copy and past these ads into a Facebook group. Instead I will remind you to eventually get yourself a website in order to create a long-term business venture.

Here's a list of good affordable website hosting and service companies Take a look at it before you continue....

Okay, onto what Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script will do for you if you don't have a website

I'll host the breaking news index page and breaking news webpages automatically generated by Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script will do for you if you don't have a website on either an on-topic website if I happen to have one or in a subfolder of GottaC.Info

Your index page will look like this. Additional advertising can be added to each news story webpage. Here's an example. Note in this case I used the 4th spot to advertise to advertise this very script. Obviously you add anything you like in any of the four advertising spots.

I'll use the title addon feature to make sure your keywords and main offer, affiliate or other, is placed in the title of the breaking news story.

Social media submission included to Twitter!

Even people WITH a website are asking for this service!

Why Twitter?

  • Twitter's fast! You can automatically post news every five minutes and not get booted off (like I did on another social media).

  • Google and Twitter have been secretly dating for a long time. Google loves Twitter. And why not!? Fresh, fast, user-generated content on any topic imaginable!

  • Twitter supports multiple user accounts. Since I have several websites and you probably offer several affiliate products, they can be kept on-topic and separate with separate Twitter accounts!

With or Without a Website People Search for News and Information First

Why not be the one who provides that news and information along with your offers.

Sell your products and services

Build a following

Build an email list

The options are endless once you get the breaking news traffic to your website or affiliate offer.

Here's how to get started....

If your website doesn’t meet these requirements use the breaking news service instead.

Make sure your website hosting service supports PHP. This script will break on PHP 8 so use 7.4 or 7.6

You need someone with an intermediate knowledge of PHP scripts unless you hire me to install it for you.

file_get_contents should be turned on, but it usually is and has been with all but one horrible website hosting company I fired.

Websites that usually don’t support PHP are the free ones people just getting started sometimes use such as Wix. Groovefunnels, the up-and-coming popular all-in-one website and marketing system does not support PHP.

Order Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script for $1195.00 while it's still at the introductory price OR have me host it for you in a subfolder of AND manage Twitter ads for you for only $29.00 per month.

Rick, I’m going to need you to install that script for me.

I’ll install the script for $195.00. I’ll need to talk to you on the phone if you’re in the U.S. or via Zoom if you’re anywhere else. Be aware please I only speak English. Make sure we can at least upload to your website or have me work with your Website manager.

One important thing. I worked on this system for months. I can’t let it get out into the wild by giving refunds for people who already have Rick Kirkham’s Breaking News Website Script so there will be no refunds. I’ll help you get it working the way you want within reason, but it is now your script. I want a happy customer so I will do my best to make you happy. One way to test it is to use the service and have me host the breaking news webpages for you linking back to your website.

Hosted Breaking News Service

I’ll set up automated social media using Twitter. My fee for hosting and service is $29.00 per month.

Fill Out The Form and Click The PayPal Button For Your Choice of Services

You can also email me with questions at my primary email address If you’re in the U.S.A. you may also text me to arrange a chat 808.224.1870. Text only please due to time differences. We’ll talk don’t worry. I just don’t want to get a phone call at 1 AM because someone is so excited they found my website script.

I look forward to doing business with you and help you.


J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

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